Call For Action

Trump has shown that there is a deep longing for political action to cut through the fog of bureaucratic platitudes and excuses for inaction. All too often Republicans rely on vague promises that the US economy will prosper and that everyone will benefit. Skeptics see this as a scheme to further enrich the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and are swayed by the delusional promises of “free stuff” of the Socialist Left.

Here, in summary, is a Call For Action. Supporting details can be seen at various referred links in this blog.

1. Every American deserves the right and opportunity to better themselves with a path to upgrade their skills in this fast changing world. Use free online courses to re-establish “working through college” without the need for any debt. Subsidize courses for students, not faculty salaries and fancy facilities. Expand employer work study programs.

2. Don’t repeal Obamacare, fix its worst problems (and avoid another IT fiasco). Break the monolithic approach of Obamacare into its component sections, social programs, pubic health, subsidies, health saving accounts and insurance. Level the playing field for tax deductions and allow Personal Health Saving Accounts. For details. Instead design a medical care system for the future to take advantage of the rapidly evolving technology, freed from the shackles of rapacious lawyers and sclerotic bureaucrats.

3. Public Education
Avoid consigning a whole generation of inner city school children to
become a permanent underclass. Provide every child, initially in three selected pilot inner city school districts, with a laptop to use in school and take home. Encourage family support by paying mothers when their child graduates. For technical details and funding see 

4. Identification and Immigration. Replace the grossly outdated, fraud prone ID system based on Social Security paper cards. Adopt a bionic system, initially using Apple iPhone fingerprint readers. This would eliminate the scourge of identity theft and its costs. Encourage registration of illegals, by offering a three year work permit, with a prospect of a path to citizenship for learning English, paying taxes and compliance with laws. Enforce eVerify using the Apple fingerprint system

5.Foreign Policy. Instead of obsessing over the billion people plus size of the Chinese and Indian markets and the chaos of the Middle East, focus attention on the 900 million people market in the Americas. Use this vast market as a resource, Learn from the EU approach to the Balkan countries to upgrade their laws so as to qualify for membership. Give priority to legal registered immigrants from the Americas.
6. Fund Social Security and Medicare
When jobs go overseas, Social Security and Medicare lose employer and employee contributions. A 5% import tax on the import of manufactured goods (excluding the Americas) would generate $70 billion a year towards the looming deficit in Social Security and Medicare. It would also lessen the drain of good paying manufacturing jobs.

These points should appeal to all Americans – Black, Hispanic, Seniors, Millenials and the currently ignored working Middle Class.

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